Laws and regulations

small secured loan management approach of finance, the people's Bank of China, the Ministry of human resources and social security recently issued by the small secured loan management of fiscal discount interest funds pointed out that Discount interest funds available to support local guarantee fund compensation mechanism and micro-lending incentives. For the guarantee fund annual increases up to a certain percentage of local, central fiscal discount interest funds in its budget allocation part as compensation for the money.

the way points out that, according to the provincial (district, municipal) small secured loan annual accounts of, and after verification by, the Central Government will be released on an annual basis guarantees a certain percentage of the total funds, discount budget arrangements for the disbursement of funds from the central part as a risk compensation fund. Risk compensation fund managed by the local government, all supplemented the local guarantee fund, to encourage guarantees to lower the threshold counter guarantee or to cancel a counter-guaranty.

approach by said of small guarantees loan financial discount funds (following referred to discount funds), is refers to national on meet provides conditions of small guarantees loan borrowing people (following referred to borrowing people) for engaged in profit project of small guarantees loan, and handling bank on meet provides conditions of labor intensive small enterprise (following referred to small enterprise) issued of small guarantees loan give of financial discount funds.

the approach clearly, small secured loan extension and overdue interest. Meanwhile, according to the provincial (district, municipal) small secured loan annual accounts and approval, confirmation, according to a certain percentage of the annual new small secured loans reward grant funds from Central and provincial finance half and partly in the central budget arrangement in the discount funds from the central budget allocated. Awards and subsidies from local financial management for small secured loans outstanding work managing banks, guarantee institutions and credit unions, and other units of the financial assistance.