Which approach to take to deal with interest free car loan

Despite now can borrowing buy car, but, borrowing buy car, borrowing people are expects can processing interest-free car loan, such, on can from months repayment of pressure, so, which approach can processing interest-free car loan does?
which approach can processing interest-free car loan? according to understand, usually car loan are is to paid must of interest, so-called no interest of car loan, usually is said of credit card staging car.
staging cars mainly through the use of a certain credit card credit card, processing credit card payments to a local bank car business, it could without staging car with interest. This method of purchase, with local banks, 4S shop staff can ask for help.
processing credit cards and car loans, are able to apply for a period of 1-3 years. Staging cars although you do not need to pay interest on credit card, though certain fees. So individuals in preparation for staging car buyers with down payment credit card, also need to prepare a certain amount of fees.
However, when they borrow money to buy cars, the borrower except for in caring for borrowing rate questions, also pay attention to other questions, if the overall higher cost than common car loan, then claim borrowers car loans by other methods.