Employment loan why winner

As we know, preferential government loans to the college students ' employment policy is to let a lot of loan people want to fight, but why the loan Department is aware of this information? Employment loans suffered a upset, why is that? Says business college students now have enough of their own money to support their own business yet? Or is there any other reason? Below, see why employment loan with loan case upset.
  loan Department understand to, actually many meet students employment loan conditions of students venture friends also is are wants to to try a try this students employment loan of, but, in himself understand and attempts to handle students employment loan of when, these friends found, students employment loan although said in conditions Shang on so points requirements, but, in actual operation handle students employment loan of when, everyone found such a problem, conditions return conditions, In handle of when need provides of information than himself imagine of more many, this also on just, this students employment loan also has a complex of audit process, if said himself of enterprise no enough of funds to support, to let himself of Enterprise until this pen students employment loan of coming words, so, enterprise is may on because this students employment loan this a problem was stranded has.
  said, many people believe that employment loan is not much, but the icing on and, therefore, there are a lot of really short of money needed for college students ' employment loans friend picked some high interest rates, but some fast loans, for example, the most common commercial loans, which also leads to employment loans suffered upsets.