Gem remains strong at record highs more than 2%

  Opening the gem remains strong at record highs on Thursday, as of closing, business report 2857.89, or 2.16%.
       new: 2857.89 change: up 60.37:2.16% total: 34285826 value (USD): 11987911 turnover: 0.00%
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       led into the gem industry 1, gains in power industry: 3.71% up: 40 fall: 13 led unit: zhangze electric power rose: 10.04% 2, construction rose: 2.64% up: falling 27:26 led unit: China Hong run construction rose: 9.99%
Gao Kaigao the gem rising 3.95% record
       water: Prev perhaps just smokescreen gem is really pain
       Exchange: Shenzhen-Hong Kong marks the inclusion in the GEM stocks
    &Nbsp;   Guoxin Zhu Junchun: gem is not cattle cattle than reform in transition
       Thursday after gem remains strong at record highs, as of closing, business report 2857.89, or 2.16%.
       sector, new, wine-food, electronic information, aircraft manufacturing, medical equipment up front, decreases in oil and gas reform, roads and bridges, rail infrastructure front.
       message surface, biography North-South car to purchased Bombardier railway business holding right; property new deal full moon: line city first warmer three or four line city not rose anti-drop; Prime Minister took table strict dismissed "policy not out here" ills: 7 days within must issued; listed Bank last year bad near 670 billion yuan; Beijing Jin JI planning released window comes; Shanghai country funding operation platform equity designated turned speed up Four ministries releases new energy subsidies.
       Insurance Fund data show that despite the massive new funds back, but securities margin only 264.2 billion in net outflows. New factors aside, the last two weeks of cumulative net inflow of securities margin exceeded 500 billion yuan, funds approach still fierce. The short term, as long as ammunition continued adequate, not likely to market to an abrupt end.
       Exchange: Shenzhen-Hong Kong marks the considerations in HKEx GEM stocks
       "Shenzhen Tong" is expected to include both the subject of GEM stocks
&Nbsp;      expectations "Shenzhen Tong" to announce a start time in the first half
       Zhou Songgang 29th President in Hong Kong of the Hong Kong Exchange, Hong Kong stock market is very active in recent days, trading volume jumped from a daily average of HK $ 60 billion to 70 billion to HK $ 200 billion or so. He said that although turnover accounted for one-third of the Exchange system capacity, but Hong Kong Exchange have started consider platform capacity, ensure that volume increased further to function smoothly.
       said, examining the Shenzhen-Hong Kong with the Mainland of the Hong Kong Exchange, and both will be considered for inclusion as well as Board second Board stocks. He emphasized that the Shanghai-Hong Kong pass smoothly at present, space can lift lines.
      , he said, expecting "Shenzhen Tong" to announce a start time in the first half, introduced in the second half, when the "Shenzhen Tong" and "Shanghai-Hong Kong Tong" will work together to review the current mechanisms, including scope of investment restrictions.
       When asked about views on the Hong Kong stock shares, Zhou Songgang pointed out that the market structure of Hong Kong and the Mainland are different, Hong Kong is an international and open markets, external economic impact, while the Mainland economy has become the world's second-largest economy, it is more and more affected by the Mainland in Hong Kong are normal. In addition, many Hong Kong-listed companies are doing business in the Mainland, the Mainland economy is sensitive.