Loans can I have credit card debt?

Some credit card holders may encounter this kind of problem is that profligate credit card spending, and a month, to the payments and no money on time. Also, also worried that the Bank will sue, also the lowest, and unwilling to take on such high interest, so thought of applying for loans and credit card debt. In fact, certain restrictions on the use of bank loans, stocks, gambling or debt repayment, it is difficult to apply. Unless there is a microfinance company or loan-sharking, might be able to lend, but rather high interest rates.
  If the purpose is to pay off credit card debt, it is difficult to borrow money from the Bank. And if credit cards has become overdue, even frozen card, credit history has been recorded on a pen, apply for a loan is very difficult. If you are looking for a small loan company or lending, interest is high and scary. This author's friends recommended going to apply for a loan or credit card, think of other ways. If the credit card has not been formed late, you can choose minimum; if the credit card is overdue, or frozen, you can ask friends and relatives for a loan on credit card debt, so as not to continue to credit interest on a daily basis, or even penalties. In addition, you can also find credit card companies let him helping you owed on, but would charge you high fees.