New financial rules of the Internet: from Whitney to redirect special

Gradually, the financial sector will no longer be the difference between Internet and traditional finance, everyone will be Internet banking users. Therefore, along with traditional financial intervention, the rise of the Internet + financial and existing financial products on the Internet will continue to change. And this change is taking place.
Pratt under cover earnings shortfalls,
tends to be financial benefits associated with the Internet. But, not everyone can enjoy the real return on capital. No matter how open and universal Internet, Internet banking is still the essence of finance. Therefore, investors in financial products on the Internet is concerned, "inclusive" to some extent, is a false dichotomy.
in China, said Internet financial, will have to balance the treasure. Balance of the most open and inclusive spirit of the Po, for example. Data shows that by the end of last year, Bao scale balance was 578.936 billion yuan, the number of users increased to 185 million people, holds 3133 Yuan per capita. Last year, Bao generated 24 billion yuan of income, balance. By this calculation, per capita income of less than 130 Yuan. Treasure
balance of subversion, the rise of P2P, all the chip to test the waters, these new financial model of the Internet noise, to some extent, obscures the real attributes of financial. But the data is no doubt uncover the essence.
of China's Internet industry association the China Internet financial trends report from 2015 to 2018 notes that by 2014 the financial scale of the Internet in China has surpassed 10 trillion. But, pay scale up to 9.22 trillion, real financial investment and financing platform for the Internet such as P2P, chip, Internet financial services, such as size of the Fund totals less than 1 trillion. Just a day before while the SSE trading volume has broken trillion.
from the Whitney to redirect special
real capital gains does not have the Whitney colours. After Pratt, what is it?
in the Internet era, in addition to the inclusive meaning of monetary funds and other cash management products, perhaps, but its advantage is the use of data and the value of the Internet, the financial needs for specific populations and the development of specific investment products.
, for example, certain exclusive social groups in terms of financial management. Lu Jin had previously dedicated to logic thinking paying members to order exclusive wealth management products. Meanwhile, investment products for specific employees are also emerging.
the characteristics of this product is: pay levels for specific employees and wage-earners are more prudent fiscal management needs, develop a certain threshold, investment horizon, but investments there and have some high yield investment products.
Bao ping an APP on the platform of the peace group "employees-Xin", for example, as early as this is the only internal supply of ping an group of fixed-income investment products, investment term six months or a year, expected annual yield were 7.2% and 8.1%. Xin
staff direction of historical sales data to prove its success and superior. Data show that employees near Xin launched its purchase number is closer to 10,000, 100,000 yuan per capita, located in major cities in the country. Basically, ping an's staff has begun to form a habit, the payday, and immediately purchase employee Xin, Xin or ask employees of open sale.
it is understood that staff Xin subscription rights, has now started to ping an employees family and external opening thousands of employee orientation, including China Mobile, China Telecom, Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba.
from the platform to the professional advantage
from zero threshold for monetary funds to specific groups of employees our company, financial products are changing on the Internet. Behind that is the evolution of the industry as a whole.
for the Internet, the original idea of traditional financial support or subversive. Later, as ping an group, China Merchants Bank, ICBC and other traditional financial institutions are involved, related regulations issued, the financial sector of the future, there are no finance and traditional finance the difference between the Internet, but the Internet + financial.
for example, ping an Group annual report data displayed in 2014, its Internet banking users reached 137 million. Lu Jin, ping an paid to safety by the wealth and peace groups in all areas of Internet financial platform layout, is rapidly developing and improving.
so everyone in the future, will be the Internet banking users, so-called new model of Internet finance has become widespread. Internet financial sectors, and will return to the King (investment) rather than model age of Kings. This way, e-commerce has passed, for example, where the customer.