If the loan or not, how to apply for an extension?

If you are in the process of repaying, buyers meet funding breakthrough, monthly to keep up do? Small series to tell you: you can apply to the Bank, put off the mortgage.
handle mortgage extension of note matters has:

1, and loan years most long not over 30 years

borrowing people in original mortgage contract perform during, as cannot according to original repayment plans regular returned loan, can to loan line proposed extended borrowing term of written application, by loan line approved Hou, signed personal housing borrowing extension repayment agreement and handle about procedures, while guarantor in extension repayment agreement Shang signed.

borrowers applying for the loan extension only once, and extension of the original loan period and a maximum of 30 years, plus the original loan period extended when the new interest rate level is reached, from the date of extension, loan interest grade interest rates charged by the new deadline. Charge interest no longer to adjust.

2, extension of loan advance application is required

the borrower as needed to extend the loan repayment mortgage, must be made 5 days before the maturity of the loan the borrowing extension written application by handling bank according to the procedures of examination and approval, with the consent of the guarantor, mortgagee and the written consent of the pledgor (agreed by the contract, in accordance with the contract).

due to the Bank the mortgage extension varies, specific information, please consult the relevant Bank.