Mortgage House does not belong to you before when you can take the title deed?

Loans to buy a House is the most popular way of buying, people can borrow against future paychecks, buy early to enjoy life. In General, however, before the loans were not repaid House is not their own, because the banks have a buyers mortgage pledge, but as we all know, real property is subject to registration, taking the title deed of the House who is to speak, so, as the buyer, you have to figure out when to get the title deed.
in General, if it is a loan to buy a House, before the loans were not repaid House is not their own, most of the banks are now in the title deed issued by banks to mortgage the property to register and set in the property page of the cover of his right column mortgage registration after certificate of original back to the lender.
However, some banks return on one's own property right certificate, some banks are reimbursed by the lender. Cancel a registration of mortgage after the loan. Also adopted by some banks is still retained until the loan is reimbursed the original title certificate. Specific contract listing how to write, in accordance with the contract.
in fact, mortgage certificates of title and lump-sum property certificate of the time are the same, but more a < he c > in the Bank.
what is "he items warrants" does? General property purchase Shi, select mortgage loan Shi, in housing ownership certificate in the, will has he items right content records, contains Ming he items right people, and right type (as code right, and mortgage right,), and right range (he items right of housing range), and right value (he items right of lease contains price), and right acquired during (lease contains term), and cancellation date (he items right disappeared of date), and in he items right certificate also indicate these content.
under the security law, property with a mortgage, that he warrants cancelled, restricted the right to dispose of the property, without the consent of a legal transaction, not the transfer of property rights and other related formalities.
at, you of property card above will has a bar "this room has set mortgage" of words,, you put Bank loan paid off zhihou to Bank to let Bank issued a "loan settled proved", Bank put "he items warrants" also to you, you took with "loan settled proved" and "he items warrants" to property belongs of real estate authority, handle mortgage cancellation, while again playing a this property, is above no "this room has set mortgage" words of completely property room.
the title deed to the hand of time, generally speaking, if not agreed in the contract, you are buying a plan shall, within three months after delivery of the housing certificate; if you purchase an existing home, shall permit within three months after the signing of the contract.