Household electrical appliance enterprises Internet "+" transformation into a dilemma

Last year, TV plus, millet such Internet companies in the field of home appliances from a lot of the limelight, transformation of traditional household electrical appliance enterprises can't seem to attract attention. Today, Internet + age, go and do not go is the problem, turn may not necessarily win, but don't turn outlet to the Internet too.
face a lot of the impact of the Internet on traditional appliances, the answer to the most of household electrical appliance enterprises are turning, and many a year ago, the company has already begun to turn. Switch is turned, but it has not been the case, no successful experiences to share. The programmes are not the same.
TV firms live isn't easy in the past year, overall industry sales fell due to the intervention of Internet companies, lowering the prices of color TV sets, making the TV also followed declines of profit. From music and millet, and they haven't made enough market share, not to make money, more testing the water, stir the muddy water of the whole industry.
new year, in the context of Internet +, stretching the home appliance company restructure, gree started making cell phones, TCL around double + strategies for transition, the United States and Allied millet. These moves also meant that household electrical appliance enterprises in the new year as a priority in transition.
+ transition opportunities in the age of the Internet, it was advocated, easy-going style, but for businesses, find your suitable location for the most important, rush, slower is not.
TCL Chairman Li dongsheng said the company along product + service, smart + double + Internet strategy. Around the company of intelligent color TV sets, mobile phones and other products and services. A few days ago, TCL invested 3.339 billion yuan to subscribe for more than 200 million shares of Bank of Shanghai private placement shares, strode into the financial sector.
TCL's position in the Chinese home appliance is the theory that a single category of household electrical appliances are not the strongest, but the overall strength is strong, especially LCD Panel started to pick the fruit in recent years in the field, its star optical head on corporate profits.
"transition we will adhere to the industry, we put into industry remains the most. "Li dongsheng said.
the field of home appliances and low profits, many appliances a lost and lonely. Zhiqian, gree and midea are interested into the financial sector, TCL starts from the last quarter in the financial business layout of a significant speed increase.