Contrast parts company's profit and stock price bubbles

according to statistics from wind info, as of April 27, at 16 o'clock, at 225 after January 1, 2014, the newly listed company, has more than 217 disclosure 2014 annual report, Board of which 85, gem 91, junior 41. Realized net profit rose nearly 70% company, in which emerging industries such as electronics, media, medicine rapid growth.

rapid industry growth

data show that After January 1, 2014, a new listing and disclosure of the annual report of the company, 2014 revenue totals 333.88 billion yuan in 2013, representing a 11.3% increase, total net profit of 36.46 billion yuan, down from 2013 2.8%.

industries, emerging industry grow rapidly. Among them, the 80% company net profit growth in the electronics industry, an average of over 17% television and the media industry average net profit growth of more than 33%; pharmaceutical industry net profit growth, Guangsheng appear (45.270, 4.12, 10.01%) net profit rose more than 46%.

in addition, turnover continued to enlarge and benefited from the rally, stock larger growth in the company's performance, average net profit growth of more than 80%.

School of Finance of Renmin University Zhao xijun, Deputy Dean believes that electronic media, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry for economic growth to provide a reference direction, also shows that the adjustment of the economic structure, promoting industrial upgrading results appear gradually.

the majority of stock in the companies performed well on the secondary market. Continuous stock market trading, has been nearly 70% stocks achieve double. According to press estimates, rising more than 141 100% over 500% 12. The biggest gains were in the dawn (114.91, 5.87, 5.38%), the share price gains have been more than 13 times since November 6, 2014.

Zhao xijun said the new listed company shares on the secondary market are investors with money in the vote, optimistic about China's economic development. In addition, further economic reforms will promote prosperity of capital markets, prudent monetary policy provide sufficient liquidity, "the new nine" and a series of reforms for listed companies and investors to create a market environment.  

part there is contrast between corporate profits and stock prices, investors need to be treated with caution

Reporters combed found the companies in 2014, net profit fell more than 25 20%, a "performance face". The industry adjustment, prices fell as many companies the main reason for decline.

, for example, under the influence of falling hog prices, animal husbandry and the original stake (77.73, 3.84, 5.20%) net profit fell 73.6%, 217 firms among the biggest decline. Under the influence of commodities such as iron ore prices fell, by 2014 has just landed a share of Hainan mining (20.99, 0.00, 0.00%) 2014 net income down 57.76%.

active trading company does not have a performance support. There are 17 companies in 2014 net profit declines of more than 20%, but to achieve a double. Among them, Lan Si technology (99.380, -4.94, -4.74%) since going public in March of this year, shares have risen about 215%, and net profits down more than 50% in 2014. Q media software (82.990, -9.04, -9.82%) since going public in January 2014, shares increased by 303%, while the company's net profit in 2014 has significantly reduced 34.8%.

Deputy Director Wang Yaoji Securities Research Institute of Fudan University said, some companies because research and development focuses on large and not productive, but the prospects can be, thus shares higher; shares were also pushed out the concept of high, Needs by strengthening the external governance of listed companies in the future to be resolved.

"for new shares of listed companies to continue observing, there have been financial processing pre-IPO, after the listing of reduced profits. "Zhao xijun said," since 2007, a-shares remains in the doldrums, but China's economic growth is low, some listed companies ' profitability is not reflected in the capital markets. But there are some shares and earnings contrast, bubble, investors need to be treated with caution. "