Stock market hot umbrella trust "and hard to stop"

Umbrella trust previously regulated inhibition of recent "relapse" signs. Journalists from a number of agencies had been informed by new umbrella trust business had been suspended previously opened, but recently started to make a move, even some trust companies have always regarded this business. Only on the level of leverage can be adjusted. In this regard, industry experts say, along with the stock market's hot, because of regulatory fragmentation, the umbrella trust or "blowout" situation.
"day has risen 130多 points, the market as a whole to a 7-year high. What areas can have such a large return on investment? "Market players, said in an interview. He said a few days ago has reduced leverage umbrella trust business, is considering a transfer back, namely after the worst percentage of priority from 1:2 back to 1:3 again.
       in fact, after February this year suspended brokerages sell umbrella trust, on April 17, two financial business, securities brokerage again, may not in any form of OTC stocks and distribution funding, umbrella trust activities, or for OTC stocks and distribution funding, umbrella Trust provides services such as data ports or facilities.
      , however, the market from the beginning of March this year 3,300 Starsky and Hutch. Facing weak housing markets and payment pressures, trust companies and the banking sector seems to "sit". "It is the SFC to require the umbrella ban nor the CBRC. "Southern trust company executives said. In his view, the current broker information management as a whole size in 6 trillion, trusts as a whole scale of about 14 trillion, the umbrella trust scale is about 300 billion to 400 billion yuan, size umbrella trust in brokerages owned tube about the size of 6%, trust-owned tube about the size of 2.8%. "For the brokerage, scale is a little big, but for trust, a fraction, negligible. "This person said.
       of the so-called umbrella trust refers to securities companies, trust companies, banks and other financial institutions work together to combine their respective advantages and for secondary market investors to provide financing, structured investment products. Specifically, is to use bank financing fund via trust products, through funding and financing, increased lever after investing in the stock market.
       good Kangaroo incomplete statistics, current stock size umbrella trust has reached hundreds of millions of, and accelerated growth in the bull run.
     "this is a chance in the market, the SFC suspended brokerage umbrella trust business, out of considerations of risk, to slow pace of the bull market. "In this regard, these market players, with all due respect. In his view, the SFC "banned" the core is pushed "slow ox" does not want to market funds through the umbrella trust way too fast too quickly into the market.