Baidu thrown purse-hang "Internet +" talent upgrades

&Nbsp;   financial is undoubtedly one of this year's hottest industry on the Internet. Recently, the company stationed in Shenzhen to raise the purse, and received more than 9,000 copies of your resume. In addition, Shenzhen local as well as the famous PayPal, as well as a large number of Internet finance "hidden champions". Shenzhen will undoubtedly become another Internet financial talent.
  worry-statistics show, in March 2015, posted in Internet/e-commerce industry posts more than 220,000, ranking IT first in the industry in the area. Worry-Chief human resources expert Feng lijuan analysis, Internet entrepreneurship, and fierce competition brought about by the demand, promoting the development of a number of related industries, such as supply chain, finance, games, and more.
       influx of talent into the Internet as a representative of "the Internet +" area, even some big-business executives sit. Alibaba multiple high-end, vanke, Huawei's recent exodus, choose "Internet +" as their own business or join venture company directly. Hunter hunting Lang Yue, General Manager of Shenzhen, said that the flow of talent into the imagination age, tomorrow than to keep stability in the game is unknown right now.
      "Internet +" demand rapid increase of
       from the recruitment website on your job search, you can see a lot of financial and Internet-related jobs, including mobile payment experts, mobile product manager, financial experts of the Internet, the Internet, financial systems development, Internet financial operations Director, and so on. As can be seen from these job descriptions, enterprises need the traditional financial and professional and technical integration of cross-border personnel. Lang Yue said that Internet financial talent is scarce, have difficulty in recruiting.
       "dug the fiscal" was Shenzhen Internet financial circles in recent years out of a dark horse, business focus on "people's asset manager" trend continues, last year two App--"dug the fiscal Steward" and "treasure digging", and earlier this year launched App "Quicken Loans", new products to market in full swing, you need large numbers of talented people to add.
       in 2009, "digging wealth" was founded only 4 people, now has more than 300 people this year, an increase of 50% people. Dig finance CEO Quan Yunfeng said: "the industry has entered a period of rapid expansion. We are now the year continuous hiring, technology research and development, marketing, financial risk control of personnel are in short supply. We need talents who have rich practical experience, financial post Internet thinking, technical posts must have financial awareness. "
       lang, said that this year is the first year of outbreak of Internet financial, and soon the Internet medical services will also be entering the air, these" Internet + "industry in the future development of the concept of infinite potential, demand has been rising. Baidu's wallet this time stationed in Shenzhen in a high profile, hiring managers said most employees will be recruited locally, while Shenzhen enterprises are short of talent. It would appear that Shenzhen's "Internet +" the war for talent will become more intense.
       why do executives sacrifice higher pay to join "the Internet +"?
       "Internet +" set off wave of entrepreneurship, is stirring up a lot of restless entrepreneurial company staff nerves, big company executives became the largest in the field of blood. More and more people abandon their own highly paid and stable job to join the Internet "+" arms, only for more imagination in the future.
       Mao Daqing, China vanke executives recently xiaoli, Liu Jiangfeng Huawei executives leaving the news many people sigh with emotion. Upon the departure of Mao Daqing Web based thinking to create a hackerspace, xiaoli genes as a pure Internet startups "House lot" partner, Liu Jiang feng entered the O2O Live services platform.
       Liu Jiang feng's words reflected in the termination letter "Internet +" times many people choosing a common State of mind, he said: "I still want to go to the new space adventure, taking advantage of the youth of the tail, flowing water. Many years later when looking back today, I don't want to regret that I never tried, and missed another wave coming. "
       lang said," talent flow had unknowingly entered the era of imagination, talent is no longer stone flow of salary, benefits and options, but are attracted to a dream with a growing, industry life full of passion to new heights. This is the killer of many startups hire, although the risk is very high, but with enough allure. ' Internet +' business the traditional way of life changed radically, it's full of imaginative. "