Credit, bad debt rate is just a number, the real risk was grotesque, the

Summary: with the development of the P2P industry, business models are increasingly diverse. One of the most popular are P2P platform with small loan companies, recommended by the small loan company project, responsible for risk control, provide guarantees
  with the development of the P2P industry, business models are increasingly diverse. One of the most popular are P2P platform with small loan companies, by featured items of small loan companies, responsible for risk control, guarantee, then about the bonds sold to investors.

in an age of asymmetric information, to insights into his own vote, of course the safety of investors or not, even if P2P and small loan companies cannot do this, only choose to believe that platforms and small loan company's risk control capability, the small loan company what is the risk?

a high-end office space in Shenzhen, thank you always take a SIP of tea, mystery said to me: "the bad debt rate is just a number, and little credit risk is truly grotesque, the. "So owners answer nearly dragged into court soap opera editor thought ... ...

first introduced the General Xie, he is one of the thousands of small P2P loan company risk manager, company currently has nearly 40 stations across the country, deep in the industry for many years, risk-control capability is also more mature.

small loans under the small series is always very curious P2P line company and line the difference between loan and specially visited the TSE overall, the trip was a lot of hard materials.

clerk lax auditing is the primary source of risk
Xie Zong said, their main business is online looking for the borrower, financing online. Online parts generally have no problem, no pool, no matching funding on the stock, investors are not risk-control points, the real risk is below the line.

line is the most difficult to control sales and domestic small loan company very competitive now, Xie total personnel instability are the number-one worry. "Most of the sales have not been professional financial training, performance can be said by hook or by crook, and once got into trouble, immediately switched to other companies to get away, I was a mess. "

" you know, there are specially designed for borrowers falsified evidence, to avoid this risk depends on the salesperson. " Always make Tse said, "but before the company reorganizes, a salesman no matter. "

there are more dog blood thing, a well-known small-loan company's first salesman in order to make their approval of projects submitted, and risk Auditors often tried. Thanks always leaks, the salesman got a wind controllers tried himself as his wife.

compulsory collection means beyond imagination
small series is most concerned about small loan company bad-debt problems, despite always seem more confident on this point. "Bad debt rate higher than announced, income enough to cover this part, just make a little less. "

external vibe collection of violence, thank you always laugh, said debt collection team means there are too many things, even he is not over. As long as the borrower in, borrowing will not run, but it also has skill.

a in Shenzhen has more than homes and luxury cars to the borrower, was micro-credit industry considered to be customers, but because of his debt is too high, business capital chain rupture, tens of millions of assets quickly was snapped up by banks and micro-credit companies, company didn't catch anything of late.

"strong push this, efficiency is guaranteed. "Thanks always said in earnest.
still, he said, business borrowers are particularly trustworthy. He had heard of such a thing, a hawker selling steamed buns would like to rent a storefront to small loan companies borrowed a hundred thousand of, but soon opened a gas explosion, a hawker was lucky enough to pick up a life. But he is honest, street stall selling steamed buns from monthly continues to earn money in addition to keep hundreds of living, all returned to the small loan companies, life quite miserable. The micro-credit companies finally relieved of his debt, but the vendors still insist on leaving out the borrowing.

/> gamblers when asked about micro-credit loans mainly appear in anywhere, thanks always answered without hesitation: "the gambler".

thanks always added, but needs to be urgently need working capital to do business outside, who borrow small loans companies high interest loan? (Annual interest rates of up to 30%), generally only the gamblers will stop at nothing to take, and the gambler after you take your money in the Casino.

ring has a story, a newly married young stole his wife's identity card, found a man posed as similar to long and his wife, in the small loan companies borrowed a sum of money that you want to do business, results in the Casino after losing his shirt and run. When the collection when the officers came to his house, stunned by his daughter-in-law when collection personnel knocking on the door of his parents, his parents were stunned. No one imagined that her husband and son was a gambler. Finally, the borrower and his wife divorced, borrower's parents sold their House to help their sons on the loan.

make this hard to understand, ask "his parents the money it is going to take?" Total Tse said flatly, I have seen many accustomed to the.

has not been seen, the black rush and fly
when it comes to mandatory collection, small naturally used the "black rush" of the word, would have said no legal means of collection, didn't think there is black's urging, the TSE total population of black rush and I understand just completely different.

thanks always says "black collection" refers to micro-credit loan clerk pocketed collection came back. Small loan companies failed to come back mainly because of bad debts of borrowers to run, people can't find it natural and not looking back. But some agents privately through channels looking for such borrowers, imposed back borrowing and put this money "black" in his pocket, small loan companies know this without knowing it.

grass-roots operation chaos also have "fly", such as the small loan company loan audit strictly and that salesman is likely to approved businesses not introduced to peers in other micro-credit companies. A salesman with the company even salary, working for other companies, that momentum was finally circles generally pay and bonuses stopped.

risk transfer is the micro-credit circles a dark surface, such as a borrower's loans were overdue and really unable to repay some salesman will privately advised him to take on other platforms, overdue penalty, after all, is quite high. Got the big VCs eager to expand micro-credit company audits tend to be loose, most was the final buyers.

Face to Face
thanks always said in an interview, the core of this innovative model of supply chain finance enterprise resources, General micro-credit is hard to get, so the micro-credit is mainly offline business. Small series of shock in wire and small loans under the company's various business insider, but small loans which has existed for years in China, the industry still continues to mature, expect management to regulate the industry guide as soon as possible.