Micro-credit sales are sunset industries, it is necessary to change!

, P2P NET loan will live how long? The answer is to live for a long, long time!
1, because the man who we work for buyers for the country, for the benefit of the people.
2, we service customers in the low-end customers and individual customers, they need the money, but the Bank does not give, so they demand we will always exist.
3 genes, P2P loans with Internet, Internet + is now air, wind is strong.
4, micro-finance in the Chinese market are blank, the emergence of P2P network credit is equal to fill, fill a gap in the market.
5, the present economic climate downturn narrow investment channels, P2P net credits appear as investors more choices.
6, underground banks sooner or brought to the spotlight, P2P net credit is a good starting point.
7, the national banking era opened, born after people won't take the money and then put it in the Bank a little interest, they seek higher interest rates.
Second, the P2P networks where credit will go in the future?
1 gene, because operating costs and the Internet, a simple P2P will go online in the future, line fade;
operating costs: we all know that fiscal year earnings are around 12%, Is a monthly 1.0 points, plus the financial end rent and wages, benefits and other costs can be up to 0.2 points; cost of pin-end costs are also up 0.2 points, headquarters operating costs also go to 0.1 per cent of the cost, plus the lowest bad debt costs 0.3 points, so the total cost of the five went to 1.8 per cent. Cost to the customer is 2.0-3.0. You the reader, a loan officer at a later or when customers complain that the high cost, even if you give them, they shut up.
the problem comes, if we lower the cost, the five where we start then? Only start operating costs is the cost of financing and the PIN.
so there are many P2P lending companies want from Bao taking money lenders, balances, wants to take money from bank loans, lowest-cost funds from various sources. See 58 City last week to enter the financial sector news and Beijing Jie 58 city in hand, the news. 58 transiting Jet into P2P, Czech Republic more through 58 of the traffic to reduce financing costs, once the cost of financing, then Czech Republic can do more, you can use your imagination.
as to the future direction of pure line, I assume that the one example we know: If the appropriate letter or hengchang acquired loans and what happens after 360? Loan Department and after 360 loan customer resources directly into these companies, so you don't need so many loan officers.
2, mash up of P2P to entities, the holding or acquisition of business entities, and increase their ability to resist risks, the future just as production funding P2P channels only.

in fact, this concept is easy to understand, take a look at several of ping an Group wrote:

on August 11, 2008, Yunnan baiyao announcement that was adopted by the company's Board of Directors. The offer for 50 million shares in the number, issuing price is 27.87/stocks, ping an to be financed amounts to 1.3935 billion yuan. After the issue is completed, ping an of China Yunnan baiyao will hold no more than 10% shares in the company, as the hongta group, after the 3rd-largest shareholder. Later, successful operation of Yunnan baiyao toothpaste listed.

mid-November 2011, 100% stake in Shanghai jahwa from China peace (601318) subsidiary Shanghai Pujiang investment, including 29%, held by the State-owned Shanghai jahwa, Shanghai shares.

ping an group and the holding company will be more and more: deep development, Shanghai, Yunnan baiyao, 1th shop, Che ming, a medical examination, and so on. So you thought Christmas was just to sell insurance, you would be wrong.

next part of the P2P lending companies will go the way of peace, you know.

third, the loan officer will be unemployed in the future?
is where gold will shine, is rubbish everywhere is rubbish. So we should not worry about their jobs, who since ancient times, listening to understand finance financial job losses? However, you have to ask yourself is worth money, the ability, and I think the more critical than unemployment.